Portraits for Polio

Details about Portraits for Polio

  •  A $100 contribution to Polio Plus gives your family a Legacy portrait session, created by Bill Keane of La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary, as well as an 11x14 Legacy portrait.
  • Additional portrait certificates may be gifted to friends and family.
  • If you need a business portrait, one will be created for you at the time.
  • For every $500 upgrade or purchase, an additional $100 will be contributed to Polio Plus.
  • Portraits will be created at Keane Portraits in Carmel Valley or at your home.
  • If your club is more than 30 miles from Carmel Valley, and several families wish to be photographed on the same day, we can arrange to travel to your Club's area and create a small studio there.

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