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Voices from way back!
Sunday, August 02, 2015
Voices from way back!

I've been in the same profession since I was 19. One of the great things about that, especially in photography, is that you have touched a lot of lives. Every once in awhile, you have a chance to touch base again. I just heard from wedding clients I had photographed on December 13, 1980. As you can see from their wedding picture, it was definitey 1980! 35 years later, they are planning a wedding for one of their three kids (they already have two grandchildren, too) in Sacramento. They decided to see if I was still at it, and here I am.As photographers, we put our hearts into our work - it's how we can capture the best moments. It was wonderful to have that bride of 35 years say ...

A taste of the Bridal Bazaar
Saturday, February 21, 2015

We were at the bridal Bazaar recently, and just produced a 5 minute video.It features our portraiture mixed with some clips from D'Angelo Couture's fashions during the bridal shows.