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Sunday, August 02, 2015
By Bill Keane
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I've been in the same profession since I was 19. One of the great things about that, especially in photography, is that you have touched a lot of lives. Every once in awhile, you have a chance to touch base again. I just heard from wedding clients I had photographed on December 13, 1980. As you can see from their wedding picture, it was definitey 1980! 

35 years later, they are planning a wedding for one of their three kids (they already have two grandchildren, too) in Sacramento. They decided to see if I was still at it, and here I am.

As photographers, we put our hearts into our work - it's how we can capture the best moments. It was wonderful to have that bride of 35 years say this after all that time: "When I look at our photos I’m amazed at how well you caught our “pomp” and “circumstance”….meaning the reverent and candid.  I wish, more than anything, that I could have recognized with my little 21 year old heart, that all those present on that day would never, ever be in the same room again."

We know those photographs grow in value every day.