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Tuesday, April 14, 2015
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I posted on Facebook the ther day that I was heading for Sapulpa, Oklahoma. When the weather is beautiful in San Diego, and it's raining with threats of tornadoes here in Oklahoma, what could possibly have motivated me to come? Our friends Gary and Pam Box have their studio here in Sapulpa, and are known throughout the country for their portrait style, and this weekend they've been teaching a handful of dedicated photographers how they crate it.

47 years ago this month, I photographed my first wedding. Ever since that day, I've been learning. and this is my most recent stop. You see Gary here in his "unioersall ighting helmet!" Say what? He demonstrates lighting direction by donning this lovely creation to show where the light comes from. Instead of Gary, picture Rembrandy or Gainsborough wearing that chapeau. Every portrait artist has always needed to find the light, use that light to mold facial contours, and create a beautiful piece. I have taught my own version of a class like this, and it's what we all seek.

Hearing another slant on how to find and shape light is what brought me to Oklahoma this week. There are hundreds of people just in San Diego who own cameras and sell their services in some way. What sets apart a few of us is the constant desire to make our images better every day.

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